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  • Plumbing repairs and installation
  • Plumbing repairs and installation
  • Plumbing repairs and installation
  • Plumbing repairs and installation


Date : October 4, 2019
Classified Area Location : Dudley, West Midlands
Classified Postal Code : Dudley, West Midlands
Location : Dudley, West Midlands

I am passionate about tech and love it. I put care and precision on all that I do, my number one rule is to treat and give services as good as I would love to have it for myself. 

I offer a Variety of tech support for various devices, most of these can be done remotely and some will need to be called out for. 


Upload troubleshoots 

Latency (ping) 

Hardware issues 

I can help troubleshoot issues that you may be having and provide fixes and solutions for common issues such as upload speeds connectivity Latency (ping) and hardware fault finding 

PC/Laptop/Mac Os: 

PC Diagnostics 

Hardware Fault/Test finding 

Installs/uninstall applications PC/Mac Os 

PC full windows install/uninstall (Need to be called out) 

PC Configurations 

I can help troubleshoot issues preform diagnostics and up keep maintenance for windows systems also I can prove software installation help and uninstall. I can Help find faults with hardware and check them remotely. I can help setup and configure new and old systems too. 

If you own or would like to discuss services catered to your business please ask, I can offer a wide range of services from PC maintenance on a contract, Call out services etc. 

PC Repairs/Software (operating systems): 

Faulty Hardware Test 

New Installations of Windows (key supplied) 

Installation of new hardware 

Replace hardware (you buy your own part) 

Upgrades installations (you buy your own part) 

Cable management 

I can perform upgrades for your PC (only) which is a great way of cost saving as you are just paying for labour and not the part (you provide the part) 

Mobile Phone Repairs: 

iPhone screen replacement including LED screens 

I am available on a ration meaning on some set days I’m out of hours only and other days I’m normal hours, please do try and get in touch anytime to see my availability. 


Remote Access consultation (See if I know what the problem is) – FREE 

Phone in consultation (See if I know what the problem is) – FREE 

All Fixed Fees at competitive rate 


All services will be cost efficient to you. 

No Fix No Fee. excluding call out charges (where applicable) 

No Hidden Fees. 

I am a qualified IT Technician and have worked with Basic networks and advanced builds. 

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions


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