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You might think as long as you get to where you need to be, who cares who the driver is, or where the taxi comes from?

At Wizz Cars, we disagree.

We believe local taxis provide the best standard of service, and across Surrey, we want to be the local taxi firm people rely on. If you need persuading as to why local taxis are better for you than a national option, let us show you why we are the Surrey taxi company you can rely on.

Local taxi drivers know the road

All things being equal, would you rather be a passenger in a car where the drivers know the local roads, or with someone who is unaware of their surroundings? It goes without saying, that you’d feel far more comfortable with a local driver with personal knowledge of the route you take.

Yes, you also want a driver who is skilled and qualified for the role, but we take care of that at Wizz Cars. Not only do we employ local drivers who know the roads, but we also vet and train every driver we employ while making sure they are fully licensed.

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