How can I ensure safe and efficient electrical connections in my home?

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Connector 2to6 Out Wire Splitter  Terminal Block Compact Wiring Blocks~1747

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It is made of nylon PA66 modified with flame retardant insulation material,
Which has the advantages of long life, aging resistance, insulation and flame retardant.
It is widely used in building wiring, household appliances, lighting, machinery and other wire connecting parts.
These lever nut connectors are suitable for soft and hard wire.
Different color interfaces make it easier to connect and observe.

Model: LT-Connector
Shell Color: Gray
Cable Range: 0.5-4.0mm²
Stripping Length: 11-12mm
Size: 39.9*33.3*14.4mm / 48.4*38.4*28.1mm
Working Temperature: -40℃~+105℃
Rated Voltage: 450V
Rated Current: 32A
Conductor: Copper
Package Included:

1 x Cable Connector

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