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Social media has become the most powerful marketing platform for modern businesses, organisations, industries and individuals.

Many businesses have taken the internet, digital marketing approach to market their products and services, leaving behind the old traditional marketing forms such as television, radio, magazines and newspaper ads.

The digital marketing platforms such as search engine marketing, content marketing and social media marketing have taken an upper hand.

Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms attract a surprising number of 4.62 billion people daily, which the more than half of the world’s adult population. With so many people connected to social media at one time, it makes the world a global village and digital marketing has become the sole marketing platform of this global village.

It was observe that 91.9 percent of companies in the US were proffering social media marketing to spread their brand awareness and other marketing factors. Social media platform such as Facebook has 2.91 billion active users daily, followed by its parent social media platform Instagram which has 200 million daily users on an average.

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platform, many companies prefer to market their brand on Instagram. Instagram was just a photo uploading social app, which now supports videos, stories, al texts and many more features.

Videos are found to be the best for engaging more audience on Instagram, connecting to a explainer video production company can be the best option for you as explainer videos are suitable for businesses to market their products and services on Instagram.


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