qordata – Data Driven Compliance Platform

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“qordata is a global provider of data-driven compliance platform designed to simplify compliance in an age of growing complexity.

With extensive domain expertise spanning across various life sciences organizations, qordata is capable of delivering highly valuable insights through its data-driven compliance platform with accuracy and efficiency, enabling compliance professionals to dive deep into the world of data to discover trends and patterns, ensure scalability, shift focus from hindsight to foresight and identify, manage and mitigate critical business risks.

Our data-driven compliance platform includes Aggregate Spend Reporting, Compliance Analytics, Compliance Monitoring, State Price Transparency Reporting, and HCP Engage.

The best-in-class solutions for the Lifesciences industry are purpose-built to help compliance teams better manage, meet & mitigate the continuously evolving regulatory requirements and challenges – all while harnessing the power of data to scale their businesses compliantly, eliminate complexities, make strategic decisions and significantly reduce pressure on internal compliance teams in meeting compliance objectives. “

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