The OHX Electric Standing Desk – Elevate Your Work Experience

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The OXH Furniture electric seat/holder with drawer has been ergonomically designed to create a comfortable working position for the user.
One of the most notable features of the OHX Electric Standing Desk is the inclusion of a metal drawer that enhances the functionality of the desk and provides additional storage space. The drawer is made of resistant metallic materials that ensure durability and stability. Our research showed us that customers often complained that when they bought a sit/stand table, they lacked elements of the cable management system.
Based on this research, OHX Furniture went further and today offers in the office furniture sector the Sit Stand Desk With Drawers, integrated with a sliding drawer with gooseneck handle and three-stage sliding slides, composed of two small holes for cables at the bottom of the drawer. It’s big enough to store a small laptop or tablet, and it’s also used to store items like pens, notebooks, or any other essential work item, keeping your workspace organized and cluttered.
The ascending table holder with complete cable management system, also integrated with two holes, a black steel cable tray and a white column cable manager. Also thinking about well-being, we provide a compartment for glasses and another to hang executive folders, bags, scarf and other personal belongings.
The electric height adjustment feature of the table is activated by pressing a button with up and down movement with location storage and memory location to be programmed according to the user’s needs. There’s even a countdown to sit/stand up to remind you when it’s time to switch. Some users prefer to stand while working, while others prefer to sit and adjust their desk for a comfortable posture. With the Electric Sit Stand Desk, you can easily switch between these desired positions at the touch of a button.
Another great advantage of the OHX Electric Standing Desk is that it is environmentally friendly. The table is designed to consume less energy compared to traditional standing tables.
Finally, the OHX Electric Standing Desk comes disassembled and packaged, is easy to assemble and comes with clear instructions provided in PDF. But let’s advance all the dimensions and details so that you can be sure that its sleek and contemporary design is a perfect complement to any modern workspace.
• Maximum height: 720 mm (72 cm)
• Average height: 1170 mm (117 cm)
• Width: 120cm
• Depth: 60cm
• Material: Steel and chipboard
• Color: White
• Gross weight 28 kg
• Speed: 25mm/s
• Nominal powder: 52.2-120W
• Voltage: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 HZ
• Adjustable height: 720-110 mm
• Recommended maximum weight: 100kg
• Recommended lifting weight capacity: 80kg
In conclusion, the Sit Stand Desk With Drawers is a versatile and convenient solution to help improve the efficiency of your work and overall well-being. Its practical features, including motorized height adjustment and additional metal drawer, make it a great value for money with a 2-year warranty on all components.
If you are looking for a durable and functional standing table, the OHX Electric Standing Desk is an excellent option to consider, visit now:

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