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Posting job ads can be an effective way to notify potential candidates of an opening in your organization. However, it could also be a waste of time on your part if done the wrong way. We share 4 of the worst things you could do in your job adverts.
1. Discrimination
If your job advert explicitly showcases discrimination based on such things like age, gender, race, etc. when it comes to hiring, it is likely to give off a very negative impression of your company. You would also be excluding perfectly suitable candidates who fail to meet such subjective qualification criteria. It can also run you the risk of legal action being taken against you.
2. Being Ambiguous
If you want a candidate with specific skills and qualifications, be clear cut about it. Not only will this encourage exactly the right type of individual to apply for the company, but time will also be greatly saved, both yours and of non-eligible candidates.
3 Asking Too Much
Here are some examples of mythical creatures – Bigfoot, Tooth Fairy, uniforms, and the perfect job candidates. There is no need to post a very stringent long list of qualifications and skills required because chances are that few, if any, would be able to meet them all. Instead, post only those qualifications that would be essential for the job.
4. Difficult Language
Keep the language simple where possible. Overloading your job advert with internal buzzwords and acronyms is one of the surest ways for potential candidates to ignore your job opening.

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When you get onto a classifieds website, do you find yourself scrolling for what feels like hours on end? After all of that, scrolling and clicking and opening countless useless tabs on your browser, you probably still didn’t find what you’re looking for. Don’t worry, what you’re looking for is out there, you are probably just not searching for it properly.
Here are a few tips to help you find exactly what you’re looking for:
Be Specific
When browsing through a classifieds website, be sure to type in specific key words for what you’re looking for. The best kind of ads will have specifics mentioned in the titles, so not only will you find exactly what you need, but the results will also be from quality sellers who care about their ads.
For example, if you are looking for a black leather four-seater couch for your living room, don’t just type in “black couch” or “sofa”. Write down exactly what you want. “Black leather couch four-seater”. The words don’t have to be in a specific order because the website will pick up the keywords and match them to a specific ad.
Refine your Search
Ever noticed the multiple filter options on the left side of a classifieds website? Don’t be afraid to use them. You might have found the black leather four-seater couch you were looking for, but is it way out of your price range? That’s ok. There is probably another one out there; select the price range you are looking for your item in and search again.
Filter whether you want to buy or exchange for a product, the location of the seller, and even the condition of the product you’re looking to purchase. You can filter everything until you find the exact thing you are looking for.
Check the Location
Checking the location of the seller is very important. Keep in mind that with classified ads, you’re most likely going to have to meet the buyer somewhere to get your purchase. Make sure the location isn’t too far, and you can meet the seller at a safe, public place.
Now, if you’re ready to get that couch, go on to https://advertall.co.uk and search exactly what you’re looking for.

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Creating a classified ad can be a bit of a challenge when you’re trying to figure out how to make your ad stand out amongst the surfeit of other ads all around yours. You see your ad for a brown leather couch that you priced at a fair £150, and above it, you see another priced lower, and below it, you see one in better condition; that’s quite a conundrum. So, in this sea of similar ads, how do you make yours stand out?
This is where featured ads can come in use. If you really want to get rid of that couch, or need that extra £150 in your pocket, this option on classified ad websites is one you should look into. Featured ads are a paid component on classifieds sites, but that little extra you put in can pay back in a big way. There is an option on the site that you can click, after creating your ad, to make it a featured ad. Click this and it will redirect you to where you can pay for the ad.
Featured ads are front and centre. It only costs a few quid on top, and your ad stays on the top, on the side banners and on the front page for a specified number of days. This ensures that people coming on to the website will definitely see your ad first. If your potential buyer is searching for the specific item you are selling, it will come up first when searched for.
Featured ads are also stylised a bit differently than regular ads. They have a different background colour and font colour to help them stand out among all the other ads. This is a great option if you are looking to sell something quickly, or are having trouble with getting your ad noticed. Get onto https://advertall.co.uk/ today to make your featured ad!


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