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Comprehensive Privacy Policy for

Last updated: 13th Feb 2024

This Privacy Policy is an integral aspect of our comprehensive approach to user engagement, coupled with the Terms and Conditions governing We retain the prerogative to amend this Privacy Policy at our discretion, with or without prior user notification. Utilization of our services implies acceptance of these policies.

User Privacy and GDPR Compliance

We place a premium on user privacy, aligning our practices with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect the personal information entrusted to us. For queries or concerns regarding our policy or practices, reach out to [email protected].

Scope of Policy

This privacy policy encapsulates all data collected through our website and associated services, incorporating sales, marketing, and events under the umbrella term “Site.”

Organizational Overview

At the core of is a meticulously designed platform providing online advertising services.

Information Gathering and Usage

We collect personal information, voluntarily provided by users, encompassing names, contact details, and credentials. Simultaneously, automated processes capture device usage specifics during site visits.

Utilization of Information

Personal information serves multifaceted purposes, including administrative functions, targeted advertising, feedback solicitation, user-to-user communications, terms enforcement, and legal compliance. The processing basis involves legitimate business interests, contractual obligations, user consent, and legal requirements.

Sharing Information

Information sharing extends to third parties for legal compliance, safeguarding vital interests, business imperatives, and user consent. Disclosure instances may arise to adhere to applicable laws, forestall fraud, protect organizational rights, or facilitate business transfers.

Cookies and Tracking Technologies

Our reliance on cookies and analogous technologies is diverse, serving to enhance website performance, fortify security, conduct analytics, and streamline advertising efforts. Users retain control over cookie preferences via browser settings.

International Data Transfer

No international transfer of personal information occurs; our servers are stationed within the U.K.

Third-Party Websites

Our commitment to user privacy does not extend to third-party websites linked to our platform. Users are urged to conduct an independent review of such third-party privacy policies.

Data Retention and Security

Retaining personal information aligns with operational necessities, supplemented by robust security measures embracing technical and organizational facets. While we strive for the highest security standards, users acknowledge inherent risks associated with internet transmissions.

Children’s Privacy

Services offered through are not directed at users below 16. In case inadvertent data collection occurs, requisite measures will be taken promptly.

Privacy Rights and GDPR Entitlement

Users possess an array of privacy rights, spanning access, erasure, rectification, restriction of processing, objection to processing, and more. GDPR entitlements are exercised via direct requests or the platform’s interface.

Policy Updates

Regular policy updates may occur, with changes effective upon posting. Users are encouraged to maintain vigilance and routinely review the policy.

Cookies Policy

Continued Usage Acknowledgment

By continuing to engage with our site and services, users affirm their agreement to the use of cookies and analogous technologies, as detailed in this Cookies Policy. If disagreement exists, refrain from using the site.

Understanding Cookies

Cookies, small text files stored on users’ computers during site visits, serve dual purposes: enhancing browsing experiences and aiding in website traffic analysis.

Functionalities and Categories of Cookies

Cookies facilitate website analysis, security enforcement, and personalized experiences. Categories include authentication, security, and performance, analytics, research, and advertising.

Control over cookies

Users maintain control over cookies by adjusting browser settings. Removal or rejection of cookies may impact specific site features.

Contact for Policy Concerns

For inquiries or comments concerning this policy, please reach out to [email protected]. We value user engagement and aim to address concerns promptly.